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NI Tourist Board Visits Comber Market

Market Scene March 2015

Buying vegetables at Comber Farmers’ Market

31 May 2015

Staff members from Northern Ireland Tourist Board will visit the next Comber Farmers’ Market on Thursday 4 June. Laura McCorry, Director of Product Development, and Rosemary Lightbody, Markets and Product Experience Development Manager have been invited by Comber Regeneration Community Partnership to visit the market and see for themselves how the market is contributing to the local tourism economy.

Alderman Deborah Girvan, chairperson of Comber Farmers’ Market Committee explained, “I met Laura at a tourism seminar a couple of months ago and thought that it would be beneficial for Comber Farmers’ Market to build stronger relationships with the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. By linking with the major tourism organisation for Northern Ireland we hope to promote the market to a wider audience through their extensive network and bring more tourists to Comber. Once they have had an opportunity to walk around the market and see the variety and quality of artisan food that is sold, they will meet with members of the Comber Regeneration Community Partnership to discuss how we can do business together.

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