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NI Year of Food and Drink 2016 – Learning and Legacy Month – November

Most local producers follow in the footsteps of their family legacy with farms and skills being passed from generation to generation.

Elaine from ‘Ken’s Fresh Jersey Milk’ talks about the Hanna family farm….

“The Hanna family has been involved in farming for approximately 100 years. We do remember a few cows being milked by hand and it being churned to produce butter and buttermilk which was sold to friends and neighbours.

A few years ago, an interest in Jersey cows developed and so the herd grew. Realising the high quality of milk that is produced, we were encouraged to take steps towards selling it fresh from the farm.

Procedures had to be put in place with monthly testing’s taken, to ensure that safety of the milk for direct sale was achieved and therefore passed by Food Standard Agency.

We have had good family support especially from our Grandson Daniel who comes across to the farm each day to feed his little calves, move the fencer for Papa and other daily activities.

We have been enjoying meeting new customers at Comber Market each month and some now come direct to the farm for their milk.”

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